As simple as black & white.

Do you have a Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, LinkedIn Network, Instagram or Pinterest? What about Apple News? We work with everyone. Often our customers are looking to gain exposure in multiple marketing streams and finding it difficult to manage. We give you the tools to publish everywhere at the same time. When you post a new entry to say your blog for example, or each time you've added a new photo to your portfolio - our tools will automatically publish to wherever you would like them to and notify your networks, friends & followers of your new content. 

Syndicate yourself with the click of a button.

Swipe right on your iPhone or iPad and you'll see Apple News. Now you can get your content into the default news app for the world’s most popular mobile device - the Apple iPhone. We provide you the tools to create, curate and/or automatically publish your content to Apple News and measure the result. Everything we do supports ATOM, RSS Feeds and ANF (Apple News Format) integration. 

We'll make you look amazing.

Using custom redaction tools to remove extraneous markup when you copy and paste text, our tools also meticulously follow all publishing specifications so that your content looks great, is easy to find in search engines and can be re-published or presented anywhere. 

We can even publish for you.

Our complete publishing services can be as simple as setting up a queue, providing editorial and scheduling your content to be delivered at the rate you determine, we can re-publish content related to your niche or we can even provide custom written content for you.  

We have access to some of the best ghost writers in the industry that provide full-blown publishing under your name. It's pretty simple, they write and/or share great content related to your business, consistently keeping your online presence fresh. Whatever your needs may be, we work with you to define the best solutions to your publishing demands.

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